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A house is most people’s largest investment, and a maintenance-free home is the speediest way to getting value from your home. To make sure those roofs, sidings, cappings, guttering and soffiting last and remain in pristine health, you need to work with the best hands there are in the market.

Our Services

Roof Repair

Roof leaks can be really annoying! Your living space or place of business is where you keep a chunk of your most valuable possessions. As such, the last thing you wish for is stressing over lost personal stuff or contending with a damaged merchandise situation, all just because you have a roof that isn’t doing it’s job. How can bird poop stain your mortgage papers inside your home? Well, to help you avoid meme-worthy stories like this, we make sure you have a solid roof over your head. Express Roofing & Siding Services is the service provider you can count on in Seattle, WA.

Roof Inspection

If you are tired of paying so much for residential or commercial roof and siding repair, get the help of professional inspectors for these parts of your home. Just like we do it Express Roofing & Siding Services, technicians are trained in the craft and are skilled to assess and repair any roof type. Our technicians pay attention to each detail. They will provide you with a thorough report which explains the complete condition of your roof, siding, gutter or capping or soffits. We will have a good look at them for any potential rot, dust, leaks or potential hazard.

Roof Replacement

To protect your family, your valuable assets and of course yourself from the unpredictability of the weather, you need to have a neat and whole roofing system. There has to be no leaks, broken tiles or torn shingles, as their presence would affect both the efficiency and the image of the exterior of your home. To replace what’s needed when due, you need a professional company to call to handle all the tasks associated with roof replacement services. The roof of your home is the ultimate protection of everything inside the house, including the air you breathe. It needs to always be in shape otherwise you’d be visited by water droplets, dust cloths, mildew growths and even insect infestation sooner or later. Our technicians know how to thoroughly check your roofing to correctly strengthen weak links and even the odd spots.

Siding Service

Your home is the one place you find the most refuge after a long work day. It is where the owner feels most at ease and where his/her family and friends can jolly during get-togethers. Your home’s interior gets a lot of attention, but the exterior is just as important. There are a few reasons the exterior is aesthetic and functional. Not only is your exterior siding the first thing everybody sees from the street. Your siding also defends the innards of your structure from the wailing wind, drenching rain and scorching rain, making sure the paint doesn’t peel or that your wood doesn’t rot. As your property comes of age, the outer paneling begins to fade or get stained with dirt and grime. If your house looks unkempt from the outside, you need Express Roofing & Siding services.

Why Choose Us

Your roof and siding are better off looked after by us, but we will answer the one question every potential customer asks. What makes Express Roofing & Siding Services worth your money?

Right experience

When you work with a roofing or siding installer or repairer in Seattle, Washington DC, you will need experience because this town ain’t an unserious one. We make the cut because we have completed more than enough roof and siding jobs for several years that we can’t help but know what perfection looks like. Poorly installed roofs, corner cutting and bad jobs; we’ve seen them all so we can’t disappoint.


For us, it isn’t just about the money. At Express Roofing & Siding Services, our customers consistently trust our reputation and that’s something we are proud of. It would be our honor to provide you with references so you can learn more. It is a huge step to choose the right roofing contractor for your residential or commercial property, because it is a decision you will live with for a decade.

Get a perfect roof

Whether you are on the lookout for some roof repair services or to carry out a full replacement, quality installation is a no-brainer. A good enough shingle roof should last you up to 15 to 20 years if it is installed the right way. If the word is shoddy, it can remove a few years from the lifespan of the roof. That makes it susceptible to wind damage and possible leakage. When you have a professional company on your roof, there is no cause for alarm.

About Us

On the backs of several years of experience, a firm grip on Washington’s roofing market and the backing of industry leaders, we built Express Roofing & Siding Services. The amount of storm damages happening across Seattle are on the increase, which means residents and businesses need to use better roofs and hire better roofing technicians.


Our motto is customer satisfaction on top. We are licensed, bonded, insured and well-trained in this field, so there’s hardly anything that can surprise us about your roofing or siding. In a single day job, our experts would be able to adequately diagnose and sufficiently treat your roof and siding,m adding to the value of your property.


It is also our job that your existing roof works for its money. We maintain these parts of your building at an affordable price and we use a systemic maintenance schedule to make sure the roof and siding of your home or place of business are always in pristine health.

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Do you have any requests? Call us anytime on (206) 558-4771 or drop our in-house team an email at [email protected].